When Saint Elizabeth was founded 110+ years ago, we were a group of visiting nurses caring for our communities. To honour our heritage, the Saint Elizabeth Foundation has committed to providing end-of-life care for people most in need throughout Canada with a special focus on homelessness, Indigenous Peoples, and vulnerable, isolated people.

Saint Elizabeth believes that health care communities are built through “in-reach,” making health services accessible to the individuals when and where they need them most. We are on a mission to find innovative ways to provide care in flexible, responsive and patient-centered ways. For example, in 2018, we were one of the founding partners and the operating organization for Journey Home Hospice, providing care 24/7 care for homeless and vulnerably housed individuals in downtown Toronto. We also founded the Elizz Paws program, bringing therapy dogs to private homes, hospitals, nursing homes and community spaces to visit residents and spread hope and happiness to people isolated by their health and circumstances. Additionally, our Indigenous programs are co-designed with local communities to develop health care services and education that is timely, relevant, and specific to the demonstrated needs. We work closely with Indigenous leaders and organizations to address barriers and create care solutions.

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